Common Knee Arthroscopic procedures

Meniscus Repair /Meniscectomy and Chondroplasty

The most common arthroscopic procedure performed is trimming off the torn cartilage called Meniscectomy, and Chondroplasty which involves the trimming of loose articular cartilage flaps. Articular cartilage damage can lead to loose bodies, which can catch between two bones of the joint and cause a feeling of “give way “symptoms. Arthroscopic removal of loose bodies often resolves these symptoms. In young patients certain meniscus tears are better treated with Meniscus Repair rather than trimming due to the fact that taking out a large section of meniscus could predispose them to osteoarthritis in the long term.

Lateral Release

A procedure called a Lateral Release is done to help correct the tracking of the patella on the trochlear groove. Arthroscopic lateral release can be a part of a kneecap realignment procedure for chronic and recurrent patella dislocation.

Anterior cruciate reconstruction

A common Knee arthroscopic procedure is anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. (Further details of this procedure can be found elsewhere in this website).

Other less common procedures are washing out (Irrigation) of the knee joint in infection of the joint (septic arthritis).